About Us

We aim to enjoy UCI GranFondoWorldSeries (UGFWS) and participate in UGFWS World Championship (GFWC).
In 2016, our founder Tomonobu KATO and Keita INOUE participated in GFWC@perth and they were very impressed. The course was very dynamic and there were a lot spectators. In addition, all participant enjoyed the race without riskiness.
It was a fun time that they couldn't experience in Japan.
Then Tomonobu and Keita start this team in 2018 with their friend Yuhi SUGIMOTO, entrepreneur. His entrepreneurship helps our team operation.
Now, our team enjoy amateur road race all over the world.
In addition, we expanded our activities into triathlon and XTERRA since 2019 with Tomonobu's best friend Noriyuki ANDO.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by e-mail (cerezo.racing[at]gmail.com) or contact form.

-UGFWS Niseko Classic 
-UGFWS Bathurst Cycling Classic 
-UGFWS Niseko Classic 
-JTU Osaka castle Triathlon
-JTU Nagaragawa International Triathlon

Next Races
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2023/6/18 ニセコクラシック2023に2名が出場


2023/9/17 GFNY@baliに3名が出場